Stakeholders Group


The Eco-Logical Pilot Project, which focused on Free Bridge Congestion Relief, was guided by a group of stakeholders that represented various resources in the Free Bridge area. This stakeholder group included members who represent environmental, recreational, community and economic interests, as well as local citizens. This group worked in a consensus-building capacity to identify key resources in the project study area, prioritizing those resources and mitigating potential impacts to those resources. The group aided in the development of infrastructure alternatives and options to help aid congestion issues at US 250’s Free Bridge.

Stakeholders met every other month from November 2013 to November 2014.


  • Stakeholders Group List
  • Stakeholders Guide: This guide outlines the process, commitment, and structure for stakeholder participants. If you are interested in learning more about this project please review this document.
  • Stakeholders Group Selection Criteria: This criteria outlines the selection requirements for the citizen stakeholders. It was developed by the Institute for Environmental Negotiation, the MPO’s project partner, to make sure the citizens chosen to participate represent regional demographics.
  • Project Study Area Map (pdf)