Eco-Logical Resources

This page contains a list of useful resources. The resources are broken down into two sections. The first being resources that were developed by the TJPDC and the second are external web resources that are maintained by others.

TJPDC Resources

Outside Resources

FHWA Eco-Logical


  • ICOET Conference, September, 2015 (Presentation)
  • Federal Highways Administration Fundamentals of Data Webinar –
    Using Data to Make Smart Investments (Presentation)
  • Federal Highways Administration Eco-Logical Webinar Series –
    Eco-Logical Uses in Performance Based Planning August, 2014 (Presentation)
  • CA-MPO Training Academy Presentation, October 2015 (Presentation)
  • Virginia Association for Mapping and Land Information Systems Conference, October 2015 (Presentation)
  • FHWA Eco-Logical Peer Exchange, October 2015 (Presentation)