The LRTP Process

The Plan
The Long Range Transportation Plan or LRTP guides the region in creating a more efficient, responsive and environmentally-sensitive transportation system over the next 20+ years.  The plan examines transportation trends/issues and offers a list of specific projects for addressing the region’s mobility needs. The plan is updated every 5 years with work currently being conducted on the 2045 update.

A draft of the LRTP document is provide below for review, and formal public comments will be accepted until the Plan is considered for adoption by the MPO Policy Board on May 22, 2019.

The Charlottesville Albemarle Metropolitan Planning Organization is identified as the official transportation planning agency for Charlottesville and the Urbanized areas of Albemarle County.

  • MPO’s are required by federal law in order for the region to receive federal funding for highways, transit, bike and pedestrian, and multimodal systems.
  • The MPO is required to review its transportation plan every 5 years.
  • Plans may be amended based on changes in federal guidance, transportation needs, and changes in Federal, state and Local funding.
  • The LRTP provides the framework and visions from which the region’s transportation program is developed.

Goals and Objectives

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Plan Input and Process Flowchart

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Public Engagement

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How to Participate

  • Submit Comments via the Form Below

  • Attend and Comment at a MPO Meeting 

    • CTAC: Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee
    • MPO Tech: Technical Committee
    • MPO Policy Board: Albemarle and Charlottesville appointed elected officials
  • Visit the TJPDC office 

    • 401 E. Water Street, Charlottesville VA, 22902
  • Call the TJPDC office 

    • (434) 979-7310
  • Mail comments to the TJPDC 

    • PO Box 1505, Charlottesville VA, 22902

Video Series

Stay up to date and follow the LRTP 2045 planning process with our LRTP video series.

Project Timeline

project timeline


The 2040 LRTP was approved by the MPO Policy Board on May 28, 2014.

The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan looked ahead three decades to assess future transportation projects vital for our region. The plan considered all modes of transportation including highways, roads, bus, rail, bicycle, pedestrian and air.  The plan updated the 2035 United Jefferson Area Mobility Plan (UnJAM 2035), which was approved by the MPO Policy Board in May 2009.

 2040 LRTP Document Page