FY17-Strategic-Plan_In Fiscal Year 2016, the Charlottesville-Albemarle Metropolitan Planning Organization (CA-MPO) adopted its first Strategic Plan, setting a vision for the ensuing three years (FY17 through FY19). This plan serves as a subsection of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission’s (TJPDC’s) Strategic Plan, adopted in 2015, since the Planning District houses the MPO.

While Federal and State statutes set the purpose and core operations of all MPOs, each has its own focus and values. Some MPOs function as technical agencies, while others emphasize policy discussions. Many MPOs focus entirely on the mandated documents (Long Range Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program and Unified Planning Work Program), while others go further by developing additional corridor studies, bike and pedestrian programs, and other initiatives.

This Strategic Plan sets the vision for the CA-MPO’s vision, values, objectives, strategies and actions for serving the region. MPO staff and officials should continually review this document to:

  • Guide development of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP);
  • Developing and managing the annual budget;
  • Determine the focus of special studies and grant applications;
  • Identify special initiatives;
  • Better manage the administration of the MPO; and,
  • Generally, serve as a guide for MPO activities.

FY17 MPO Strategic PLan